Supporting Textile Craft Past, Present, and Future

Welcome to Textile Hive's online shop, where you can discover fine, archival-quality wall art that captures the unique and vital beauty of textile traditions from around the world.

Textile Hive is home to over 40,000 textiles, cultural artifacts, and research memorabilia collected by groundbreaking fashion designer, traveler, and researcher Andrea Aranow. The international textiles in Andrea's collection have served as inspiration to fashion designers, students, historians, and designers since the 1970s.

Today, the collection resides in Portland, OR, and online, where digital archives and special exhibits keep this one-of-a-kind collection accessible to inspire future generations.

All the pieces on this site are custom-printed on demand by our printer in Portland. By collecting art through Textile Hive's shop, you're supporting our mission to make the Andrea Aranow Textile Collection accessible and preserved for current and future generations.

As an independent, family-owned cultural heritage collection, it's no easy task to organize, digitize, care for, and exhibit the handmade objects in our collection, some of which are more than 200 years old. Your purchase makes a valuable contribution to the important work of preserving and documenting Andrea's collections.

We are grateful you came to explore our shop today. Thank you for your interest in preserving and celebrating textiles!